Top Ten Research Paper Topics

Among the most difficult parts of brainstorming a research paper is finding a good topic to write on. Luckily, we have done all the work for you and have complied a list of over113 intriguing research paper subjects to select from. They have been organized into ten broad categories and cover all kinds of topics, so that you can easily find the perfect subject for you.

Topics relating to social media: The use of social networking has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. This is now an increasingly popular research paper topic due to the simple fact that it provides solid research points to support any argument you may want to put forward. The main reason for this trend is since everybody uses social media to go over their opinions, thoughts and experiences. Because of this, it’s very likely that you will run into research and facts on social media related topics which will affect the way you feel essayswriting reviews or think about a specific topic. This will offer you strong supporting evidence for your arguments.

Topics relating to internet advertising: Online marketing is quickly becoming a significant force in the world. As more businesses attempt to tap into the energy of the internet, businesses are expanding their business to the internet world. With this expansion comes a need to produce more content to their website, in order to first day writing assignments college class attract traffic and also to market their brand. Therefore, if you are interested in topics regarding online marketing then this should be one of the top ten research paper issues for you to study.

Gay and lesbian issues: A few subjects on which research papers can be written to include subjects that deal with homosexuality. However, as mentioned before, these subjects are usually not accepted by most universities. Consequently, if you wish to go over topics such as same-sex unions, gay conversion therapy and homosexual rights then it is vital that you are well researched so that your argument can be approved by the majority of the population.

Drug abuse: Drug abuse is a growing issue in society now. Research paper topics on drugs include the use of prohibited drugs, the consequence of prohibited drugs on the criminal justice system’s response to drug misuse. Including topics such as juvenile punishment, the effects of marijuana on society, the effects of crack cocaine on society and the issues associated with substance abuse. It is crucial that you’re well researched to the topic before writing your research paper. It would be unwise to discuss a problem related to drug misuse in a research paper that does not address it.

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